Robust, stylish and above all very practical, with the Original SmartShake and its 3 compartments, take everything you need for the day!

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SmartShake Original is made up of compartments that will allow you to carry your dose of protein powder, your capsules, your almonds, dried fruits or whatever you need for the day! Very practical, it is also very robust and great design!

SmartShake is BPA and DEPH FREE, it is possible to put it in the dishwasher, in the microwave and even in the freezer.

It is composed of a separate storage compartment for your powdered supplements or your cereals for example, a separate pill box to store your supplements in capsules or your dried fruits and a shaker with a capacity of 600ml with a grid to mix your preparations and a super tight cap.

Finally, it is equipped with a carabiner that will allow you to no longer lose your keys in the room. Everything is removable and modular.

Remember to mix colors for more fun!

The benchmark for compartment shakers to bring you your small dose of additional protein or your capsules in 1 all-in-1 shaker.

Its filter for mixing the powder is really useful and efficient and clips on its own.

We also appreciate that they are BPA and DEPH free!


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