Testo 4HD Stacker 2, the hormonal booster designed to help you promote lean muscle development and your recovery

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Testo4HD Stacker 2, the hormone booster designed to help you promote lean muscle development as well as your recovery.

The highlights of the Testo4HD Stacker 2 booster:

  • Promotes the natural hormonal production of testosterone: the muscle hormone.
  • Promotes vitality and good overall energy
  • Promotes recovery and athletic performance

Properties of the Booster Stacker 2 Testo4HD

Complex based on tribulus, maca, ZMA, rhodiola, damiana, and muira puama, the Stacker complex allows you to promote an optimal anabolic state in order to take advantage of your efforts during your training sessions, as well as your recovery.

Who is the Testo 4HD Stacker 2 Booster for?

Testo4HD, one of the most powerful complexes in our range to promote your muscle development and your sports performance.

This type of supplement is particularly effective for people of advanced age, whose hormonal production is no longer the same as before their thirties.


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