Arginine Pro Yamamoto, for infernal congestion and noticeably increased endurance.

Plant origin and Kyowa label, top quality.

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Arginine Pro Yamamoto, for infernal congestion and noticeably increased endurance.

A very promising new form of arginine labeled Kyowa.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that can be used as a precursor of nitric oxide (NO), in order to improve blood flow to muscle cells and thus significantly increase the amount of oxygen available.

Arginine Pro Yamamoto is an Arginine in hydrochloride (HCL) form, it is improved for increased assimilation compared to conventional Arginine, because it will penetrate the liver barrier much more easily than in the form of the conventional molecule.

This will result in a gain in strength and muscular endurance in particular, as well as better transport of ingested nutrients to muscle cells.

It will also reduce the intensity of aches by promoting faster muscle regeneration after intense effort as well as better volumization.

The strengths of Arginine Pro Yamamoto:

  • Promotes better resistance to effort
  • Increases congestion and muscle volume: “Pump Effect”
  • Promotes recovery
  • 1000g per tablet, ultra convenient and highly dosed format
  • Arginine labeled Kyowa

    Arginine Pro Yamamoto, Arginine HCL tablet for practitioners looking for better muscle sensations during training, especially in terms of volume.

    With 1000mg per tablet, this food supplement is once again a success for Yamamoto.

    We recommend that you use it in your strength and muscle volume programs to increase your muscle density and resistance to effort.Do not hesitate to combine L-Citrulline for more results.


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