Caffeine Yamamoto Nutrition, 100% anhydrous caffeine for an immediate boost effect.

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Yamamoto Nutrition Caffeine Tabs, 100% anhydrous caffeine for an immediate boost effect.

We no longer introduce you to caffeine, this stimulating molecule that will give you the necessary boost when you feel tired.

It also plays a role as a metabolism activator, in the sense that it will help boost your energy levels and your caloric expenditure, which can also help you during a cutting phase.

The effects of supplementation with Yamamoto Nutrition Caffeine Tabs:

  • Promotes a quick boost effect
  • Participates in the fight against slack as a natural anti-fatigue
  • Helps to increase concentration and resistance to effort

The strengths of Yamamoto Nutrition Caffeine Tabs:

  • No additives, no preservatives, 100% natural
  • 100% anhydrous caffeine
  • 2x the caffeine concentration of a cup of coffee in just 1 capsule

Caffeine Tabs Yamamoto Nutrition is a natural stimulant for those looking for a boost before their workout or in everyday life.

200mg of pure caffeine per capsule, simplicity and efficiency!

Do not exceed one capsule per day!


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