Peptobol Yamamoto Nutrition, the most assimilable protein on the market.

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Peptobol Yamamoto Nutrition, the most assimilable protein on the market.

100% hydrolyzed casein for a super fast supply of 18 amino acids in the form of peptides, so digestible that it can be drunk during your session.

Peptopro® is hydrolyzed, i.e. the protein is pre-digested, this is the highest degree of hydrolysis available on the protein powder market.

Its amino acid sequences are pre-cut in its molecular structure in order to avoid the body having to do this work and to assimilate it directly.

We realized that at the end of an intense session, the body has trouble cutting amino acids from protein because of the intense fatigue caused by our workouts. This therefore results in an assimilation that is not ideal and incomplete.

Peptopro® allows the body not to do this work, which guarantees increased assimilation compared to a classic protein.

The strengths of Peptobol Yamamoto Nutrition :

  • Spread the word: the best hydrolyzed protein on the market
  • Increases protein synthesis and promotes muscle growth
  • Very fast and increased assimilation compared to other types of protein
  • Very complete: 18 amino acids
  • Virtually lactose-free for optimal digestion


The PeptoPro is a must try for all picky athletes looking for performance.

Excellent during training alone or mixed with BCAAs, it is a supplement that helps enormously in terms of recovery and endurance during exercise with its contribution of 18 amino acids in peptide form.

Its technicality gives it exceptional virtues.

Especially useful for powerlifting sports such as crossfit or bodybuilding.


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