MRE LITE by Redcon1 is a product based on animal and vegetable protein. Multi-sources of protein, low fat. A great meal replacement!

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MR LITE from Redcon1 is a protein product of animal and vegetable origin. Its composition makes it a excellent meal replacement with few carbohydrates and a good protein level.

Redcon1 changes all the codes of protein compositions by offering a multi-source of protein: beef, salmon, chicken, egg, brown rice, peas.

– Very good protein intake over 24g in a 29g dose.

– It is low in fat, barely 130 kcal per dose, ideal for a cut, for example.

– Without lactose it is very easy to digest.

– Another strong point of this product, the addition of maltodextrin, a carbohydrate promoting muscle recovery after exercise in addition to providing energy.

The Power Nutrition team advises you to test this new protein

  • It is low in calories.  
  • It is an excellent substitute for a dairy protein for all individuals who are lactose intolerant or more reactive to animal proteins.


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